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Our Story

Midwest Battery boasts a seasoned management team with unparalleled expertise within the industry. Our collective background encompasses illustrious ventures such as, Worldwide Battery, Eagle Battery, and others. By aligning your enterprise with Midwest Battery, you gain access to our rich reservoir of battery-related experience, setting us apart as an invaluable partner in nurturing the growth or steadfast maintenance of your battery-centric business.

As a distinguished US-based wholesale battery distributor, Midwest Battery specializes in offering comprehensive procurement and logistical solutions for a diverse array of applications, including Automotive, Commercial, Golf, Marine, RV, and more. We take immense pride in representing world-class battery manufacturers who consistently provide us with the highest caliber batteries, thereby ensuring the utmost quality for our esteemed clientele. As one of the nation's largest independent wholesale battery distributors, Midwest Battery extends its exceptional services to clients across the country.

With our extensive years of experience, we understand that the journey of wholesale battery procurement can be challenging at times. It often presents numerous hurdles that can impede buyers from reaching their desired destination. Rest assured, our highly experienced team is poised to assist you in overcoming these obstacles and locating the ideal battery solutions tailored to your specific needs, all at the most competitive prices in the market. Our commitment to consistently surpassing customer expectations has solidified our position as one of the nation's most trusted wholesale battery distributor.

About Us

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